Discere (dis-aiŕ-ee, Latin for "to learn") is a company whose focus is to provide effective training to our clients.  Our primary focus is on Cornerstone Information Systems products and services, but we also offer Professional and Personal Development courses.  Check out our offerings and if you have any questions, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your training needs.​





Discere Training Services is an LLC dedicated to providing training on Cornerstone products.  Created by Jim Ehinger, an 18 year employee and trainer for Cornerstone, the same quality and effort is provided to clients in the travel industry that work with Cornerstone and uses their products and services.

Training Classes



We provide training on the different Cornerstone platforms, such as iQCX, iBank, and TravelOptix.  If you require a customized or blended training option, we'd be happy to coordinate with you and set up a specific training program to assist you in getting the most out of the products you use.




We offer some additional services, such as administering your iBank platform if you don't have the resources yourself, consultation on setting up your DataCleanser so that it works more efficiently, assistance in identifying and planning for ResRules to help you automate your processes, or generally helping you to get all Cornerstone products to work more efficiently together.